CDO (Container Door Opener)

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Reduces 2 prime sources of truck driver injuries. 

Two patented safety tools in one: XHD & CDO

Double Duty Multi-Tool!

1.  Puller Tool for the Jost® 5th wheel release and all others

2.  CDO - Container Door Opener

The Multi-Tool makes TWO leading driver injury hazards easier and safer!

1.  Pulling the Fifth Wheel Release

2.  Opening doors that are stuck shut



The radical Yanker Tool XHD, is uniquely designed to do the Jost® fifth wheel release pull (up, forward, and out).  Put the Yanker Tool into the Jost® handle, turn it like a key, and pull.   Bada-Bing: you’re released!  A jaw-dropping improvement!  (Sometimes, people's jaws actually do drop when they see it work!)  It makes the difficult, dangerous, and filthy job of pulling the release, easier, safer, and cleaner. 

Using the Yanker Tool, the driver stands upright, in prime ergonomic position, using both hands by their chest, applying their body core strength in their 'power zone.'   The driver is not bent over, with bad footing, sometimes actually wedged in, certainly under the trailer, 'kissing' the tires and whatever they have on them, doing a hazardous extended range motion, way outside their power zone.  It's simply a kind of bio-mechanical suicide. 

The Yanker Tool will never leave you stranded, unable to drop your trailer and finish your work, due to any electric, or pneumatic problems.  Even if the Jost® hitch is badly out of adjustment, or not maintained, the XHD can open it.

The Jost® is my choice of 5th wheel.  I've studied it quite a bit.  I would only have Jost® on my truck(s).  But they can be a PITA to open...unless you have a Yanker Tool.  A driver will never feel 'bad' about a Jost® ever again when they are equipped with a Yanker Tool.  It is a TOTAL game changer.



It is often difficult and physically hazardous to open container and trailer doors. They get ‘sealed’ going across the ocean by the salt air and water.  Ask anyone who has handled shipping containers, and they will tell you the same.  Any van and reefer swing doors can also get stuck, or pinched shut, by great pressure, and even vacuum dynamics. The container or trailer can get knocked out of ‘square, or 'plumb,' for many reasons.  When that happens, the doors get wedged shut extremely firmly.  Sometimes, very severely so.

Another common thing makes doors hard to open, and even hazardous.  Cargo shifts against the inside of the doors, pushing against the door latches with great pressure making opening the door exponentially harder.  Also, when the door opens, the cargo will fall out onto the driver, who will still be close to the door, using the small short handle to open the door.  The CDO makes it much safer when the driver is an extra 3 to 8 feet away.

In the cold, doors can become actually frozen shut. I know of 1 driver that tore his rotator cuff trying to open a dry van door that was frozen shut, and then had to drive the rig to get medical help.  That must have hurt like bloody hell.  It was a 'service failure' to the customer, too, as he never got the door open to drop the trailer.

Most door handles are located well above shoulder height. Completely out of the ergonomic power zone. The door handles are too short and narrow to apply much power or get a secure 2-handed grasp. These conditions are prime to create injuries to the shoulder, back, arm, wrist, plus slips and falls from bad footing. Many drivers have been injured this way.


 "If I bought (1 Yanker Tool) for each driver, and saved even ONE injury, we would so totally be ahead of the game."  Quote from a 150 driver VP of Ops, Milwaukee, WI

 "We haven't had any rotator cuff injuries since you brought us the Yanker Tools, Tom."

Cameron, Safety Director, Wright Transportation, Mobile, AL, March 2019



The CDO deals with three physical safety hazards in re opening container and van or reefer doors:

  1. over the head, extreme extended range motion
    1. Driver uses their core body strength
    2. Using not 1, but 2 hands; arms; shoulders; elbows
    3. has terrifically increased leverage via the long handle
    4. far safer footing
  2. pulling motion
    1. after the door handle gets up and over the handle holding catch, swing the door handle down using the CDO
    2. then the CDO handle is right in the center of your power zone
    3. you can push the handle open, instead of pulling it
  3. hit or crushed by falling freight
    1. The driver has less risk of falling freight being 3 to 8 feet away.
    2. And has time to react further if need be.


About the Rotator Cuff Injury

Both tasks: pulling the release; and opening stuck doors frequently cause truck driver injury.  Particularly rotator cuff injuries, which develop cumulatively over time, before the tendons simply tear away.  It's like a big sisal rope.  Intact, it is extremely strong.  But a rotator cuff injury develops gradually, over time, and use by use, and the thin threads of the sisal rope fray and snap, one by one.  The big strong rope gradually becomes weakened, and one day it just rips apart, tearing apart.  The injury to the rotator cuff happens the same way.  Gradually, over time, bit by bit, until it gives way.

A rotator cuff injury:

  • Can be extremely expensive 
    • ($50,000 to over $100,00)
  • Is VERY painful to recover from 
    • It can be an intense pain and immobility hell
    • Ask anyone who has been through it. Anyone.
  • Can take 3 to 6 months to recover
  • Often requires invasive surgery
  • Hours and hours of painful physical therapy
  • Will likely never leave you fully recovered
    • You will never be the same, or as able, again 
    • Drivers have a 95 % re-injury rate!
  • Can leave you medically disqualified from driving
    • Lose your job
    • Lose your whole career
    • What do you do then?

Two Solutions, One Tool: the CDO

The CDO (Container Door Opener) from Yanker Tool is beefed-up specifically for the extra torque that a jammed shut or stuck door my require. The shaft is a hefty 5/8” round steel. The container door handle ‘grabber’ is of 3/16” square steel tube, thoroughly welded to the fifth wheel puller end of the Yanker Tool.

The CDO delivers the strongest fifth wheel puller tool combined with the strength and utility of a container door opener tool. These two components reduce the chance of driver injury from two very hazardous and injury prone tasks a driver does on a repeating basis: 5th wheel release pulling; container door opening.

One of the smallest investments, but with greatest potential return a driver or a fleet can make. 

  • Mitigates Two known sources of driver injury risk
    • Pulling fifth wheel release
    • Opening stuck and dangerous doors
  • Workers compensation liability containment 
  • WC laws vary state by state, but there is often a savings
  • Two forms of driver comfort and convenience
    • Pulling that release is often a filthy, difficult job
    • Pulling the Jost® release is harder than other 5th wheels
    • I think the Jost® is a superior design,
      • but drivers tend to disfavor them strongly just because they can be very difficult to open.
  • Open container doors easier and safer


The cost is tiny in comparison to the benefit: 

A CDO costs about 1 ten thousandth of the cost of a rotator cuff injury. That’s 1 / 10,000th the cost of a typical rotator cuff injury. This investment in safety is a no brainer: you can’t beat the ROI. If you buy for a whole fleet, and prevent even just one rotator cuff injury, it is a big financial win.

The CDO transforms the two most physically risky, dirty, and difficult tasks a driver repeatedly faces. The CDO makes the tasks much easier, far safer.  That is worth the price alone.

The driver and safety officer feedback on the Yanker Tool line of Safety Products is completely positive and enthusiastic. The Yanker Tool has created out-and-out joy and relief among drivers. The happiness and gratitude expressed by the drivers with the Yanker Tool has been real. Drivers have directly thanked us for making their jobs better with this Tool. The Yanker has directly helped a number of drivers keep their job and career. What’s that worth?

Drivers who pull the Jost fifth wheel release recognize instantly what the Yanker Tool does, and the relief that it brings. We hear a lot of feedback along the lines of: Great Idea!; Thank you!; I want one; I want my company to buy these.


The Yanker Tool line of Safety products. Made by a driver for drivers.

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