DMT (Driver Multi Tool)

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The Driver Multi Tool  (DMT)

The DMT has a dozen different uses.  People tend to call it the ‘swiss army knife’ for drivers.

1   Container / Trailer Door opener.
     - Yanker Tool’s patented CDO (Container Door Opener)
     - Never ‘sweat’ stuck doors ever again
     - Drivers are injured trying to open swing doors that are 'stuck' shut
          - Rotator Cuff, shoulder, arm, back, wrist
          - Slip and fall
          - Crushed or injured by falling cargo
     - Safer ergonomicly: ‘push, don’t pull’
2   Jost Safety Catch 5th wheel release puller, patented by Yanker Tool
3   Holland and Fontaine ‘Straight Pull’ 5th wheel release puller tool
4   Container Opener Lever (COL)
5   Tire banger
6   Chain Puller
7   Pick
8   Kro-bar
9   Hammer
10 Tandem Release Puller, manual pull
11 Tandem Release Puller, ‘finger-pull' air switch
12 Personal Security
     - Comfort and deterrence in dangerous, uncertain or sketchy places.

The Driver Multi Tool (DMT) is truly a single tool for the driver that does so many things the typical driver will encounter.  It makes ALL those dozen tasks easier and safer.  You may be surprised how many more you can come up with!  It’s just danged handy.

ROI (Return on Investment)

If your DMT helps you:
>    Avoid even one >single< injury,
>    Prevent 1 failed pick-up or delivery,
>    Bypass 1 failed ‘in-cab’ 5th wheel release system
>    Free 1 stuck rig - avoid a tow
>    Avoid 1 road service call
>    Prevent deadhead miles and wasted HOS
>    Avoid 1 HOS shut-down or trip schedule catastrophe

…your rate of return can be 10$ and 100$ times the price of the Tool.  The Driver Multi Tool, like all Yanker Tool products, is the cheapest money saving insurance you can buy.